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New speakers for a vintage receiver

Hi all. I'm looking for a new set of speakers to pair with my 1979 Technics SA-200 25wpc receiver. I was pretty smitten with the Mordaunt-Short Carnival 2's, until I realized they're discontinued and everyone's sold out. Basically I'm going down the Rec Comp Class D list. Since the receiver's only 25wpc and they'll likely sit on a mantle while I'm in school and in my current place, they probably should be efficient and possibly front-ported. What is your experience with low-wattage vintage equip and new speakers? Any recommendations? Thoughts on these speakers?

-MT Carnival 2

-Polk RTi A1

-Paradigm MiniMonitors

-Warfdale 10.1

-possibly some similar DefTech model

I'm looking for high quality speakers on a grad student budget and I'll eventually upgrade the amp/receiver, but this one has a lot of sentimental value and I'd like to make the most of it. I'm mostly concerned with getting the best accuracy and imaging for 250-500$. (If I need bass and loud, inaccurate speakers, I'll just bust out my aging DCM KX-10's)



HT: Denon AVR 2802, Polk LS50, Infinity QPS-1 Quadrupole surrounds. 

Stereo: Technics SA-200, Technics SL-B2 TT, looking for new speakers.

Headphones: Grado SR-80

In storage (in another state); Infinity Overture 2's, Infinity CC-3, Infinty HPS-250 sub, DCM KX-10's.

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