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new speaker rec for futterman otl

I’m looking for a new pair of speakers for my Futterman OTL amp. Ideally I would choose Quad ESL-57s or KLH-Nines, but as I live in a Manhattan apartment with 2 small children, both of those options sound like invitations to disaster (too big to set out of the way, and thus easy for kids to play with). I recently got turned on to Rogers LS3/5 bookshelf speakers. 15 ohms so good match for Futterman, compact so easy to protect from kids. But I’ve been reading that there are a lot of counterfeits being sold, so I’m thinking that buying new might be the best/safest option. The only speakers I’ve matched up to the OTL are a pair of ProAcs, which were nice but a far cry from my memory of a Futt/Quad matchup. So, with all those caveats, anyone have any recs for a new, high ohm, smallish speaker that would be well-matched for my beloved Futterman?

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