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New set-up and Help identify these speakers!

So earlier this year I ended up overhauling my living room setup from a sad 32" tv and HTIB to what I've got now and is still unfinished due to cost restraints. Heres the setup:

Marantz SR5006 receiver 

Martin Logan Motion 10s ( the pair was a steal at 250 for the pair ) front

No center or sub yet! :(

Panasonic 50GT50 TV

And my rears are the mystery speakers which I can't identify.  I got them when doing a job in a client's home and they simply did not want these unusually heavy and strangely styled speakers in their home. 

The brand is "Unity Audio" and the speakers are floorstanding style. They have the shape of a "7" ( if you flip the seven upside down ) and are made of a stone type material which is forest/dark-green color on the front, grey on the sides and darker on the back. They have (rough measures) 1 1/2" tweeter, 6" woofer, and 6" speaker on each. While these are getting me by I'd like to move the motion 10's to the rear and get better fronts. Problem is I have no clue what would be an improvement over the Unity Audios (which wouldn't look right used as fronts with their unique styling) and how much I should part with them for, as I could use some help towards the Martin Logan ESL's I've been eyeballing for some time now. 

Any center channel suggestions/recommendations would be welcome as well! Thank you all!


Bill B
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There's a brand of spkrs called unity but I don't think they have the unusual shape you mentioned. Can u post a picture?

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There is a British company called Unity Audio that makes "pro-audio" speakers. You can go to their website and send them a message. I suspect they could send you some information and specs on them. I suspect that their sound quality is mediocre for a home music system.

I suggest that you consider some PSB Image T6 speakers for the front and you can use the Motion 10 speakers for the rear. That would be a huge improvement.

A PSB Image C4 would be ideal for the center. Saturday Audio has some good deals on PSB speakers with full factory warranty.

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Thank you and pictures!

Thank you for your input and trying t help me out, its much appreiciated as building the rest of this is going to be a piece by piece process haha. In the meantime is there any place I can demo these brands of speakers? i don't recognize them as the Magnolia at my local Best Buy doesnt demo them. Would I need to find a Magnolia Design Center or are there typically specialty shops for this sort of stuff?


Moving on, here are the pictures!

( I tried posting them directly to the board but they didn't post correctly so here's some links!)

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