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Those speakers sure look impressive - your demo rooms look first class!

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These are photos promoting a commercial enterprise and do not belong in the section devoted to personal systems. GTFO.

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Uh, zundelfan, this IS the "Dealer's Open House" ... it is not devoted to personal systems. See the section description: "Dealers: From entry-level to exit-level, give us a taste of what it's like to sit in your demo rooms." What's the problem?

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In Europe they name the streets after poets and philosophers. In America we name them after merchants and generals.

Although logic has no business on this site, and certainly no currency in hi-fi, it would be a very simple matter to look in the 'Member Galleries' to see the above photo posted there. But already knew that.

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Neat, but are those wires just laying on the floor? WHAT!!! Now cable lifts!!!! How can it possibly sound good? Got some Mapleshadey wire lifts....(I'm joking, lighten up dudes...)

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Those speakers look like they mean business - no idea how they sound though. Nice demo room.

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Thanks for taking the time to comment, Supersimo. The speakers are unbeatable. The newly redesigned room finally does them justice. Watch for new photos shortly.


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