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New MC Cartridge = Loud pops / Static Build-up

I've been an amateur vinyl and analog enthusiast for many years now, and am finally discovering this forum for help and to learn and share with others.

My set up:
Old Yamaha 65 watt / ch SS Stereo Receiver
Pro-Ject Audio DS2 Tube phono preamp
Pro-Ject Perspex Turntable
Hana SL moving coil low output Cartridge
Old Yamaha bookshelf speakers (soon to be Klipsch Forte iii)

My issue: I recently installed a new Hana SL MC low output cart in lieu of my Ortofon Bronze. Now, Any album I play results in aggressive / loud "crack" "pop" noises, sometimes like a machine gun 3-5 pops rapid fire in a row. Usually as soon as the stylus hits the record, intermittent and random when playing, and at the dead space at the end of the record. I've tweaked and adjusted the cart settings, loading, VTA, tracking force etc, with no resolution. static in my listening room has never been present or an issue. If it's static, it is not on the records or the platter, but rather building up at the stylus / cart itself somehow. I'm playing the same setup and the same records as I did with my bronze mm cart that never resulted in any cracks or pops. My DS2 has been adjusted accordingly for the MC cart. Cart is recommended at greater than 400 ohms. I've tried it at many settigns. I'm running a gain of 60 but have experimented with many levels.

Another strange thing, is if you get down close and lightly blow air at the stylus, it fires off like a loud popping machine gun as well.

Anyone have any ideas when could be going on with my new cartridge? Can a cart generate it's own static electricity? The tone arm has an internal ground wire to a grounding post at the rear of the turntable which is then grounded to the post on my DS2 preamp.

Thanks for any help!!

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It seems as if the cartridge is defective.

There should be a path for static to bleed off internally inherent in the cartridge, and that does not seem to be happening.

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