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new to a Kenwood KD-40R (has interrupted rotation)


Hey all, I'm new to having my own turntable so forgive my ignorance (I'm sure there'll be a lot of it).  I just got my Dad's old Kenwood KD-40R from him and it's about 30 years old and has spent many years in the attic.  Here's the problem I'm having.  The music sounds like it's constantly slowing down and speeding up.  It's a magnetic direct drive table so I looked at how the drive was spinning the record.  I took the underside of the table off and removed the bracket holding the drive on.  I turned the table on and the part that the drive turns (not sure of the technical name) had a very interrupted motion.  At the same spot every rotation it looked like that part that turns gets hung up, fights past that spot and speeds back up.  The portion of lag isn't that much, but enough I guess.  My first question is:  turntables should have a smooth, constant rotation and not an interrupted one right?  And second, anybody know how to fix this?  I'd like to get the table working again, for me and well my dad when he tells me he wants it back.  Thanks in advance.


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It is very likely that the main spindle bearing is either defective or needs lubrication.

On many turntables the turntable will lift off and then the spindle can be pulled up and out, and then you can put some oil in the opening and replace the spindle. It may take some force to pull it out since there may be some oxidation on the metal.

It only takes a few drops of oil. Originally there was grease in there, but it has quite possibly dried out and hardened, and some oil will soften it and get it working OK again.

Use 40W motor oil.

If the bearing is bad, the turntable is junk.

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