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New house, decisions to make

So I am about to purchase my dad's house in a month or so. I do a good bit of entertaining at my house but I have run into a snag with our current system. My dad will be taking his current Sony receiver and 2 Panasonic tower speakers to his new house. This receiver however is connected to our patio speakers which are so nice for entertaining. It has the basic Speaker A / B designation.

For a week now I have been looking into some newer receivers which have all the new bells and whistles; however, I can not find a receiver that has both HDMI inputs with at least a 5.1 surround system as well as a way to wire my outdoor speakers to the same receiver and have them be shut on and off.

Is there a way to set this up through one system? Or do I have to either settle for an older 2.1 receiver with the Speaker A / B switch.

Or should I can scrap the decent outdoor speakers and all their wiring an get a whole new wireless system.

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There are several AV receivers which have a two-channel zone 2.





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