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Nice dorm setup :-) For cheap and easy stands take two cinder-blocks (home depot ~2$ pr) spraypaint them with car undercarrige treatment (3-7$ or just spraypaint your choice of color), throw an old mousepad onto the top of each and plunk your speakers down. This might be an improvement over the current table top set up. Another more involved more rewarding but equally cheap option is to make some sand filled stands take a look here Many colleges have a shop with the necessary tools for students to make stuff like this.


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Actually, I was wondering if you couldn't use the subs (is that a second sub on the right?) as quick'n'dirty stands until you could make or buy some. Windzilla's right, concrete blocks make marvelous, cheap stands -- especially if you level 'em with Blutak and use Blutak as a stand/s[eaker interface. Blutak not only keeps 'em from rocking, it protects the floor and speaker finish, too. And it's cheap.

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I think the one on the right may be the only sub. The black thing on the left appears to be a PC.

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Mr. Wong is right, the "sub" on the right is in fact my PC. To Mr. Phillips and Windzilla, I appreciate your comments and suggestions. I'll get to work in that as soon as time permits.

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hey ace, any updates on your setup, im always keen on a fellow budget tweakers notes/observances.

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Where is your "Poverty Sucks" poster? Standard issue, I thought.

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