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Aegis AV Cabinets
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New Company: Aegis AV Cabinets

My name is Michael Kelley and I am the owner of Aegis AV Cabinets. We are a company that manufactures what we feel are the finest and most advanced AV cabinets and towers on the market. Every cabinet features a digitally controlled filtered cooling system, keyless locking, network grade surge suppression, custom advanced RGBW LED lighting, and optionally integrated home automation. Aegis AV Cabinets offers 4 stain choices along with two painted glassy piano style mirror finishes, on premium wood, hand finished and assembled onto a high strength steel endoskeleton. We currently offer two models to accommodate our customers different lifestyles and home decor choices. We would love to hear what yall think about what we have created, and welcome your feedback and insight. Feel free to visit our website at . We have several videos, 360 degree rotating views of our products, and detailed descriptions of our towers features and benefits. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for your time, Mike Kelley Aegis AV Cabinets

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