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New cartridge

Hi I have a gorbe TT with a Origin live illustrious arm. I currently have a Benz Micro ACE low cartridge but it does not come upto the standard of my Musical Fidelity KW sacd player. Is there any catridge that would give me more highs and a lot more punch and definition? I have a Cyrus pre amp and bi amp through 4 Cyrus mono x power amps. Speakers are Gershman avant garde floor standers. Any considerations much appreciated.

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Are you using a seperate

Are you using a seperate phono preamp? Does the Cyrus have a built in phono pre with enough sensitivity for a low output cartridge. My Graham Slee Fanfare 3 and improved power supply works well with low output Benx cartridges. My two other phono pre's are lower in output with almost no dynamics. I would check preamp compatability before looking into a new cartridge.

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