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New Cart for an Old Beogram RX2 or New Table?

I have finally decided to reconnect my turntable to get some use out of my 300 plus albums but I am at a crossroads. The old B&O Beogram RX2 that I bought some 20 years ago has, what I believe is, a bad stylus. I know this is not a great TT but would it be worth my while to replace the cartridge (I would check that it was the problem before I bought one) from Sound Smith for $300-600 or is there a comparable or better TT out there for about that price? I haven't been into vinyl for years so I have no idea what is out there to choose from.

Thanks for your input. 

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Soundsmith has the SMMC4 for

Soundsmith has the SMMC4 for $200 which is comparable to the original B&O SMMC4 cartridge. The other purchase I would suggest is a new belt for the ttable. if it is the original it will be stretched out. The new cartridge will get you back into vinyl with the RX2. Later if you decide on a new table an adapter will allow you to use that cartridge on the new table. Turntable Basics can help you with a belt. I miss my RX2's automation and wish I had kept it.

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I recommend Soundsmith products and the company.

I think you may want to ask the source yourself.  Try sending an email to Peter at Soundsmith, and ask him what he thinks.  There simply isn't a better company to consult with regarding B&O turntables, and I really love my cartridge from that company.  

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