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Needle talk. Is it good? Bad? and does it affect cart performance?

A question about needle talk makes me want to ask"
Does needle talk affect the performance of a cartridge?
Since the sound is clearly a source of energy, is the energy wasted? is the energy damaging the quality of the cartridge electrical response?
Would a silent (as far as needle talk) cartridge have better sound from the stereo?
Is it the resonances in the cartridge causing the sound? in the stylus?
Or, has no one ever bothered to find out?
Do any cartridge designers try to eradicate needle talk?
I would ask Michael Fremer is I could!

And for those wondering "What is needle talk"? Most cartridges while being played, make a some noise and one can hear the music (somewhat) right off the surface of the record where the needle is traversing.
Some cartridges have louder needle talk than others.

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