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Need some advice on amplifier

Hi .

I was hoping somebody would be able to help me on here. I have recently converted all my music collection to flac and currently have it stored on a server. I don't want to be playing my music through my computer so I have been looking through some sites and have decided that the setup that would suit me best would be the following:

Logitech Squeezebox Touch

Sumoh TingAmp (s30 or s60)

Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 Speakers

This is all new to me so I am unsure of a couple of things. The first is regarding the sumoh tinyamp do I need to get the 30w or 60W model for the speakers I have suggested. The second point is the tinyampy has 2 versions which are coaxial input and digital input which should I choose for the setup I have suggested.

I would appreciate any advice as you can probably guessed this type of setup is all new to me. Thanks.



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Sounds like a servicable system...

and I would get the S60 amp.  I'd think the amp version with either a digital coax or digital optical input will work with the Sqeezebox Touch as it has those outputs.

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