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Need a place to experiment ...

I used to work in San Jose where it was possible to bring a CD into a stereo store and experiment with higher-end equipment. San Jose has engineers. We like to experiment while, at the same time, respect people's equipment as a direct result of working with expensive stuff ourselves. Nobody wants broken equipment. Alas I had no money then.

In NYC, where I work now, the only higher end store I know is the Stereo Exchange. But those clowns want control; they want to babysit the whole experience. Which I absolutely hate. Every little thing has to have a uppity sales person in tow.

What I'd like to do is experiment with a tube-preamp, tube-amp, plus some speakers. Is there such a store? Or a show? In particular I am wondering why, as I am given to understand, tube pre-amps are so critical to reasonable sound.


Kal Rubinson
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What do you mean by

What do you mean by "experiment?"   There are several stores in NYC where you can bring your own CDs to "audition" equipment,  especially if there is even a latent intent to purchase.

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What do you mean experiment?

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I got that the OP meant experiment listening to different

combinations of equipment requiring extensive swaping in and out of units. Perhaps a 4 hour trip to United Home Audio in Annapolis Junction, MD?

JoeE SP9
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In 46+ years in this hobby I've never heard of or seen a B&M store that allows one to "experiment" without a salesman present.

I bet the OP knew the owner of the store where he was allowed to "experiment". 

What's being an engineer got to do with futzing around with expensive equipment that's not your's and you're probably not going to buy. A test drive in an automobile isn't done without a salesman present. Why should expensive gear be any different.

If you want to experiment, set up an in home audition. Of course that means the store has a reasonable expectation of making a sale.    

BTW: I'm a retired engineer. 

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