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Need help re-designing A/V/record system please!

I should begin by saying that I have been out of the hi-end audio/video world for quite some time now. Back in the 90s (when I was single and had money to burn lol), I had a Pioneer Elite TV with McIntosh Pre-Amp, Amp, LaserDisc Player, and B&W speakers. Since then, this equipment has been replaced by Samsung LEDs and Bose Lifestyle sytems (which are easier for my non-audiophile family members to just turn on and use).

However, my buddy just ordered a Rega RP1 turntable, which has re-sparked my interest in A/V. I am about due for some upgrades to my mancave, so I figure A/V is a good place to start. Currently in this room, I have an old Bang and Olufsen system which used to run my speakers throughout the house in the early 90s. I am not sure of the model (I will check tomorrow), but it has a turntable (never-used), a single disc CD player, a tape player, and some other integrated toys. The B&O speakers had rotted out so my installer hooked up the system to a cheap pair of Sony speakers and a massive subwoofer (I think Velodyne), which has been "OK" for occasional use. I have a pair of never-used Totem Mani-2 speakers, but my installer couldn't hook them up to the B&O for some reason. Anyway, the whole room is due for an A/V upgrade, so I would like some opinions. I use this room mainly as an exercise room, however I would like to make it a neat little hangout spot as well, complete with its own TV and great sound system. Unless you all have reason for why I should do otherwise, I would like to keep the Totem speakers and the Velodyne subwoofer.

My main dilemma is this: I would like both a great, modern surround sound system for my TV as well as a minimalistic and pure system for listening to vinyl, integrating both systems as much as possible. I would really like to get into vinyl. However, I am completely lost in this arena, and like I said, have never used the turntable I have now. I have also done very little component choosing in the past. So, though I have had some pretty high-end equipment, please walk me through this as if I was a complete beginner.

My vision is to have the two totem speakers at the front of the room with a turntable, tube amp (just like the look of them), and whatever else is required for this setup. However, I want to hang a TV above where this will be, so I will need to factor in equipment for that as well. In this case, would it be best to just get a Bose system for the TV and separate stuff for listening to vinyl? I would hate to have to duplicate equipment though (speakers, amps, subwoofer, etc).

Price wise, I am not looking to go crazy, but I have some money to devote to this. I figure I will probably get the same turntable as my friend has (Rega RP1 with performance pack) until I decide if vinyl is for me....or do you think my current B&O turntable is just as good? Anyway, any help is appreciated!

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Get a decent Home Theater system, not BOSE!

A good AV receiver from Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha, Onkyo, etc. and if you get a stereo preamp with an HT bypass for your two channel system, you can use the front, center, surround speakers and subwoofer for your HT, and your front speakers and subwoofer for your two channel listening as well.

How big is the room?

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