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Need help with hardware recommendations Headphones-DAC-AMP

To anyone out there I could really use some help with figuring what’s the best combination of products for my music listening needs.  I’m putting together a desktop system and I need some advice.

What high end home headphones do you recommend for home listening? I’ve been looking at the AKG 701 and Sennheiser HD 650. I had a chance to try the AKG but not the Sennheiser HD 650. I listen to a lot of Electronic music and I’m wondering which is best for my needs.  I intend to use whichever headphones are deemed the best with my Dell XPS Notebook which means I’ll need a USB DAC and an Amp, another headache and expense for me. I’ve researched tons of company’s and components but I’m wondering what everyone else uses? Any recommendations?  Oh one more thing I’m not too concerned with portability or price some extent. Down the road I might possible want to upgrade with external speakers and other audio sources however at the moment they are simple standalone system.  Any help would sure be appreciated.

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I would expect responses all

I would expect responses all over the map with a query like that. Rarely will you find usable consensus like that in audio. Listen more. If there aren't dealers near you explore online retailers that have understanding return policies and go from there.

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