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Need Help Converting My Vinyl to Digital

I've been a Stereophile subscriber for years now but am a new member to the forum. Given the "instant gratification" era that we live in, I've decided to post a topic here rather than search through numerous back issues. I've searched throughout the analog section here and found a few posts on this subject but all of them seem to get off-topic quickly regarding quality pros/cons. So I decided to start my own request thread.

Here are my requirements:

Inexpensive solution - try to keep it all under $250
Rip quality recordings to computer for iPhone transfer

Here is the system that I'll be using:

Rega P3-24 with TT PSU and Rega Exact 2 Cartridge
Audio Research SP16

I'm not really looking for SACD quality here: just something I can listen to on my iPhone. If I wanted to hear quality, I'd listen to the album. :)

So far, I understand my options to be getting a USB ADC or get a nice audio card for my PC. I have no doubt that my current PC can accept either option so let's hear what you guys have to say given my requirements and my source setup.


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Looks good

this is very similar to what I use and it sounds great! I would get an maudio audiophile 2496 for about $100 and the sound recording software you like for about $50 and there you are! I hear you about if you want quality you will listen to the album, but the maudio card will let you record them at 24/96 flac files that sound mighty good and are sure easy to play.


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