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Luna Mar
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Need to boost bass

I just had an Arcam fmjA38 integrated amp. I think it's great but it appears my current PSB bookshelf speakers don't provide enough bass. Is there a way I can connect my powered Mirage subwoofer to enhance the bass? I was thinking of connecting it to the SP2 speaker line out (The PSB speakers are currently connected to the SP1 line)? Is this possible and don't compromise or damage the amplifier? Or, is there an alternative way? Thanks.

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I don't know how your subwoofer is set up, but the BEST way to use ANY subwoofer is to connect the speaker-level input terminals of the subwoofer directly to the terminals of your main speakers using speaker wire.

This way the subwoofer gets the exact same signal as your speakers. With the typical bookshelf speakers, you will want set the LPF knob on the subwoofer to around 50-60 Hz, so that it does not operate at higher frequencies and interfere with the output of your main speakers.

This places almost no load on the integrated amplifier, because the input impedance of the subwoofer is very high (over 1000 ohms).

You can use #18 or #20 speaker wire to go from the speakers to the subwoofer, because the current is very tiny.

If you have the typical binding posts on the speakers, one convenient way to connect is to put spade lugs on the wires from the amplifier and then use banana plugs for the wires going to the subwoofer (or vice-versa).

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