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Need advice/help with Speakers Kef q700
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Hi there, instead of telling you to go and listen to it yourself (which is not practical for most people).
imho 3050 or Q acoustics setup would be a better fit for home theater setup, and for amp, if you are not very demanding for sound, pick the amp by functions or user-friendly. imho it's too hard to pick one that fit all the bill.
i own both Q acoustics and KEF speakers.

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uscgamecok wrote:

So I am looking to upgrade my speakers with my home theater set up. I have a 7.1 system right now in a fairly large open den area. Overall, I would say the room size is about 20x25. I really don't have an ideal home theater set up as far as positioning of furniture in relation to the surround speakers. I have my surrounds mounted on the wall around the room and two Energy standing speakers. I sit about 15 feet away from my TV. I am currently looking to upgrade my receiver that is 4k compatible. Just been looking at some of the lower level Denon x series such as the avr-x2400. Any thoughts?

I suggest that you consider the Focal Chorus 706, which are excellent and run $750/pair.

Unfortunately, you will not get a very good overall sound with that kind of receiver, no matter what speakers you use. Despite their misleading specs, they are quite underpowered and thus perform poorly with the power-hungry dynamic sound of movies or orchestras, especially in a room of your size.

The AVR-3300W (around $600) might have enough punch for a 5.1/5.2 system, but anything cheaper will definitely NOT. Actually, the 3300 is a lot of receiver for the money, but the cheaper ones are just a waste of money with your room size. You definitely should cut back to 5.1, however. To power a 7.1 system properly will require at least $1000-1400 for a much better receiver.

Those Focal speakers could even be used with a much more expensive receiver and give spectacular sound, but I am speaking of the NAD and Canbridge Audio receivers that sound 129% better than any Denon (and are quite expensive).

If your budget is too tight to get the Focal speakers and get a decent receiver, give the receiver priority.

The Wharfedale Diamond 225 speakers are quite good, and only $450 per pair.

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