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Need advice on MIT AVT2 single vs AVT3 bi-wire

I have an option to buy either:
MIT AVT s2 single wire
MIT AVT S3 Bi Wire
At roughly the same price.
For my ML Ascent, which are bi-wirable, which would you recommend and why?

Rest of system:

I have a home theater setup within which I am trying to carve out a dedicated stereo system and hoave both play nice together.

Sony BDP-S570 (used as CD transport, SACD source and streamer of FLAC files across my home LAN, served by a DLNA software app on my PC)

Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus

Perreaux PMF 2150B power amp (for the ML Ascent)

Pioneer VSX-1121 receiver (for Home theater and also serving as preamp for now).


My next two purchases will be a clean stereo preamp with HT bypass and new speaker cable, which is what this question is about.


Anyone with any experience of the MIT AVT2 and AVT3, please chime in, thank you.

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