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Need advice on integrated amp

I'm looking for advice on buying an integrated amp in the $500 to $1500 price range that would be a good match for my system.  I have Monitor Audio Silver 5i speakers, a Marantz CD5004 CD player and I just purchased a Bluesound Vault to store and play back digital music.  I do not need a built in phono amp.  I'm currently using my Marantz 7400 AVR for amplication, but I would like to move to a two channel system for music.

I do not intend to upgrade the speakers any time soon since I really like the way they sound. So I'm looking for an Amp that would get the most out of them.

I listen to a broad range of music including rock and jazz at low to moderate listening levels.  I would prefer an amp with a warm sound.  I have been considering the following amps but would greatly appreciate this forums expertise.

Nad 326BEE, Nad 356BEE, Marantz PM 8004, 8005, Rogue Audio Sphinx, Rega Brio-R.

thanks for you help with this.

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I have a Rega Brio R

and love it.  I think it is the best value in integrated's under $1000. I am clearly biased in favor of it, but it is an excellent, albeit very simple device.  Having demo'd sevreal devices from Marantz and NAD, I feel strongly that the Rega is superior to both.  I am not familiar with the Rogue audio device. 

You should check out Stereophile recommended components but my thoughts on what you should zero in on depend on where you are leaning from a price perspective.  At the low end of your range $500, the real standout device is the Music Hall a15.2.  Middling will be the Peachtree Decco and the Rega Brio R at about $900.  These are all class C devices.  At the high end, the Peachtree Nova and the Musical Fidelity M3i at $1500 are excellent values and are class B. 

I personally was torn between the Musical Fidelity M3i and the Rega Brio R.  I picked the Brio R because I got a clearance deal on the silver finish when it was discontinued and it was a new device and I love a deal.  Had I not found the clearance price, I don't know what I would have done. 

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The amplifier I would choose is not on your list.

I recommend the Music Hall 15.3 amplifier, which is only $550 from Audio Advisor (the 15.2 is discontinued).

I have had several NAD amps over the years, and liked most of them; but the 356 sucks IMO. I had it for a couple of months and it never sounded right, especially in the bass. The 326 sounds better.

I also could sell you a like-new Musical Fidelity M3i, which I was using at a second home that I am selling.

I would let it go for $900 if you want it. You won't find a better one for much under $2000; it is excellent.

Send me a PM if interested.

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Has anyone heard the Anthem integrated 225? my dealer is pushing them over everything else in the store for driving current hungry speakers.

Allen Fant
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Rogue & Rega are outstanding.

steve 59- the Anthem 225 is a killer integrated. It sounds especially excellent w/ my reference THIEL loudspeakers.

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