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Need Advice on an easy to use multi-room stereo set up

I'm helping my Mother set up a system for her house so that she can play music in her living room as well as her bedroom upstairs.  Right now she has some old but very good Denon and NAD equipment (18+ years old), however, those pieces are starting to go and it seems like a good time to upgrade.  Here are the two main issues:  she currently doesn't have wifi in her house and she needs something that's really, really, really simple to use, my Mother is not a technophile but she does like to listen to radio and to CDs.  I'm of two minds here: do I set up a simple non internet connected system in each room or do I try to set up a wifi network in her house and then some sort of sonos or sonos like system for her? The Sonos seems like a good idea but it doesn't help solve for a CD player and the non internet connected solution means she misses out out on things like Pandora and other stations you can only get online. I honestly don't know which would be easier and more cost effective and in the end most enjoyable.  Any ideas, advice, suggestions, questions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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