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Need advice about what speakers to buy

I am sort of new to high end home audio, but I am really interested in getting myself a solid speaker system for my bedroom. Currently I have a pair of JBL century L100s and a pair of low suality sony bookshelf speakers that I just had laying around, I play them through a Pioneer VSX-818V reciever. I am not looking to replace either the reciever or the L100s because I have a limited budget and the bookshelf speakers are most in need of replacing. I am not looking to spend over $500, although ideally I would like to spend less.

I have been looking at Wharfedale Diamond 10.2s, Monitor Audio bronze BX2s, PSB Image B6s, Boston Acoustics A26s, and Intimus 5Bs. Can anyone tell me more about these speakers who has owned them? how do they sound, etc? I am looking for the best speaker for the money as whatever I buy will be my bookshelf speakers going forward as I upgrade the rest of my system



JoeE SP9
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You may have been looking, but what have you listened to?

The only way to determine if a specific speaker is the one for you is to make the effort and audition some. Anything else is a crap shoot.

Buying speakers based solely on a recommendation or a review is akin to letting someone else choose a mail order bride for you. The chances of getting something you can live with are slim to none.

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Auditioning in your home, with your gear, and your acoustics, is the ONLY way to find out what they will sound like in your system..

In-store audtions are totally worthless for a whole bunch of reasons. They can be very misleading.

I suggest that you order a set of the Image B6 speakers from Audio Advisor and listen to them for two weeks. You have 30 days to return them.

If you like them, keep them. They are very good speakers and you probably will.

If not, read the Stereophile review on them VERY carefully and try to correlate the comments there with what you are hearing, and send them back.

Then look at reviews on the Wharfdedale and Monitor Audio speakers and see how the commecnts on them compare. Then order one of them and try them out.

The worst that can happen is you have to send them back and pay the shipping.. That is a lot better than getting stuck with a mistake. Think of it as renting them for two weeks and having fun auditioning them.


I think you will find any of those speakers to be MUCH better-sounding than the JBLs, which I suggest that you sell off.

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Since you are going to be keeping your JBL's, and since they are presumably your "main" speakers (right?  they're bigger and probably louder than your bookshelf models), then I would look at the brands mentioned above (and others), so you get a sense of their families of speakers.  That is, if you get a small set of (say) Wharfedales now, a larger model of Wharfedale would be a good match when you eventually replace the JBL's.

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