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Naim Supernait Gain Digital Input

Daar all,

I have registered to seek answer to a specific question regarding one of mr. Atkinsons remarks in this article:


A signal at 0dBFS gave a level that clipped the Supernait's main output with the volume control at 10 o'clock. With the volume control full, a digital signal at –26.5dBFS clipped the speaker outputs, meaning that the amplifier as a whole has way too much gain for its digital input.

I has occured to me that my TV Box, connected via coaxial spdif to the Supernait, distorts the sound on TV and radio when someone raises his or her voice. Adding a certain grainy edge to the vocal.
This happens at normal listening levels on 4ohm speakers. (ie 8 to 9 o'clock)

Could this be an effect of this high gain and is it harmful in any way?

Thanks for the response

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