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Nagaoka MP-110 for Rega P3. Good or bad?

Hi I am planning to buy a Rega P3 (w/ the RB303 tonearm). I have a new Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge laying around and was wondering if it would do well together with the turntable.

Thanks in advance for help.

Bill B
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Someone will answer soon.  One of the regulars, "jackfish", often recommends various Nagaoka models.  I know the Rega and it will serve you and any cartridge well.

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That cart and the whole line

That cart and the whole line of Nagaoka mates well with Rega tables. I know a few who love the MP-200. Then you can decide if the Nagaoka sound is for you. I am stuck with the Denon sound. LOL!

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