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My wife has looked and has told - never !!!!!!!

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Those things are really low on the WAF. Let me guess, you are either unmarried, divorced or married to the perfect woman. My wife would kill me in my sleep.

I, of course, love it. But, I'll probably lose my hearing before I'm able to stand between a pair of those babies.

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Well, i am 23 right now. Single, and its my first Apartment. I still have the DIVA's also ;-)

Since there are only 20 in the world, the chance to hear one is more then slimm but your welcome to stop on by in Germany to give them a whirl.



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You live in an apartment? Don't your neighbors complain? In my apartment I have to use headphones. Thank God I'm moving into a house soon.

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NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just like headphones, only instead of wearing them you stand in between them NICE!

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The speakers are a grotesque monument to excess. And they'll probably fry your brain with their electromagnetic field, but, wtf, they are cool.

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I feel like praying for some reason....

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Wow!!!! Would give the old eye teeth just to hear a pair of those. Impressive to say the least. Check out my pics, there is a woman out there that will be into audio if it makes you happy. I found one, the greatest lady in the world.

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