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Oh dear. Get that young man to counseling now before he turns of us!! Oh my...the look in his eyes. Oh, the humanity.

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LOL! Thanks Bob- that cracked me up. Yeah, I think men are hardwired for mechanical stuff whether we like it or not...

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Fantastic, db! When my boys were this young ('78-'79) I let them destroy a Philips 777 and a cheap Grado rather than kill their curiosity for music. And it was difficult because I tend to be "protective" of my stuff. Now they are big into music and still dig vinyl.

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dust caps beware!

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What a cute boy! Coming audiophile?

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Thanks- that was two years ago and now he loves music even more. We got him his own "all-in'one" record player last June and he really likes listening, and as importantly, playing with it. He esp. is intrigued that you can play the records at different speeds.

To me, where all the MP3 players, not to mention CD players fall down is that they can only be used ONE way. No real interactivity or play value. I recall using my record player as a kid for all sorts of thing aside form the music playing, and it was great.

He also likes helping me put records on the "big" record player (Well-Tempered TT) though I always take the final step of putting the needle down.

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