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My First Stereo!

After a long (seemingly endless) search for components that would fit my needs I had purchased Neat Iota speakers, Rega's RP-1 Performance turntable, and their Brio-R amplifier. The speaker cables are Tributaries Series 5 12AWG.

I would just like to say after a couple of weeks of listening to my first Hi-Fi I am truely pleased that my hard earned dollars yeilded such a fantastic result. While I have listened to few true HiFi stereo systems, I believe I have a very solid entry level system! I have found that the Neat Iota's do live up to the hype. I had never actually heard this speaker until it was purchased as no local HiFi stores carried it. The speakers are incredibly clear, precise, and have some lively qualities that are similar to a pair of used Naim SBL speakers that I also auditioned. These speakers really shined when I played some Brubeck through them but can easily keep up with some of my fast metal records. 

As far as the turntable goes it was the RP-1 that made me want to get a HiFi stereo. When I was browsing for a new turntable I was instantly drawn to owning a Rega turntable. Fantastic build quality and I really enjoy Rega's cartridge that comes on the performance edition.

Finally the Brio-R is also a winner in my books. I needed a half width component due to space limitations, the speakers follow the same story. The Brio-R is built like a tank and unlike some folks, I do like the looks of it. The sound quality is great and I have no hum, or distortion at any listening level. I need to drive the volume up with the Iota's but this is not really an issue. I can't comment on the sound characteristics on this because I can't tell what's the speaker or the amp. Anyways.

I really couldn't be happier with my first system and I felt I should share my first few weeks of having this system. I know these are extensively reviewed products but hell I wanted to give my two cents. Obviously I am very biased as this is the system I fell in love with but I can safely say I have the bug now and HiFi will be a hobby of mine for a long time.

All I need now is to incorporate digital files into the system... that for another day!


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Great equipment choices!

Great equipment choices! Should give you lots of good sounds. Thanks for the info on those speakers. Don't think I've ever run across that model.

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Nice Jamie!  your 1st system

Nice Jamie!  your 1st system is much better than mine circa 1988.

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