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My cat peed on my Marantz!

So last night I was walking around my apartment listening to music when, all of a sudden, I heard a weird noise followed by no more music.  I rush in to the living room where my cat is a few feet from my amp (due to its size and ventilation requirements sits atop my entertainment furniture instead of in it) watching me. 

The standby light is on and the mute light is flashing.  I powered off then back on, only to hear a brief pffttt from the speakers followed by the same flashing lights.  I called an audio friend and while I'm talking to him I notice the wet spots on the top of the amp (these are vented on top).  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? The cat lives in the laundry room for the time being.

My buddy told me to try it out once it dried.  So when I got home today I gave it a shot.  This time it powered on for a few seconds, but after the first note of music shut down.  So I unplugged the power supply from the amp and plugged it back in.  Tried it again, and IT WORKS!

Super frightening, eye opening experience.  My cat's getting neutered tomorrow and I'm for SURE gonna cut some holes in the back of my furniture so I can fit the amp in the shelf unit. 


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