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Awesome. Congrats!

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Very nice. Probably better than my first system.

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You might find a matching door curtain like the ones on the windows should help with reflections and balance things out some.

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I can only wish my first system (which I lived with for many years as a poor grad student) had been a nice as this! Nice.

The fact that you are WILLING to block a door to achieve better sound is what really matters!

FYI I have a Quadraspire rack too! (I didn't list it in my equipment, but it's in the pic of my system).

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! For a long time, I avoided hi-fi because I assumed that I couldn't afford it. But I am so excited/grateful to find that quality sound can be had for "working man's prices."

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Beautifully matched setup! Sounds wonderful I'm sure.

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