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New Orleans Lover
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Music Reviews

Thank you for the great review of "Nine Lives, A Musical Adaptation." We in New Orleans need to get the word out.....we have the best musicians in the world!

Stephen Mejias
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John Swenson

Glad you liked it.  The reviewer, John Swenson, is deep in the New Orleans music scene.

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Requests for Stephen

Would like to see some reviews of the New Fleet Foxes album and My Morning Jacket. Great albums both; the sonics alone are review worthy and both recorded in essentially non studios.

Also a good one from a few months ago is the Low Anthem album called Smart Flesh. Another great work and recorded in a big Providence RI abandoned warehouse with excellent sonics.

Ariel Bitran
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New MMJ Record

Robert Baird gives his synopsis

Allen Fant
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New Orleans, the birthplace

New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz. Happy Listening!

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