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multiple zones

I am renovating a beach house and will end up with three to four zones that I would like to control with a smart phone, laptop and/or remote control and be able to play the same or different music or radio on each zone simultaneously. We will have a main floor, lower den/rec room and the outdoor decks. I already have home run speaker wires run from the main floor down to the den and outside to the decks...4 lines to the outside speakers and 5 to the den for 4 speakers and a woofer. I foam insulated the lower den and had to run the speaker wires before it was too late to run, although I can still make some adjustments Someone told me there was a receiver that would allow for remote control of the different zones being able to play different formats as well. I would like to be able to run the TV through the speakers in the den and main floor as well. Confused and wondering if I should just have each zone have its own system before the drywall goes up. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks MD

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