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Multichannel power amp with meters

Just wondering if there are any decent power amplifiers with meters besides the McIntosh? Macs seem to be the only brand that has the meters on them. I know they are basically useless to a point but they are gorgeous and I Was wondering if any other current brands implement them because I love looking at them.
I know some of the Cary tube amps have them

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Vintage Carver and Phase Linear amps do. Higher end Yamaha amps have them. Dan D’agostino amps have them but they make McIntosh look super cheap. Some line magnetic amps have them. I am certain there are other but these are the ones I am thinking of off hand.

They are useless but can look amazing. I remember in college, when my 6 Carver components were all on and lit up, especially in the dark or low light, the look was awesome. My roommate commented it looked like an airplane dashboard.

Others will incorporate meters but I don’t think any brand looks as good as McIntosh. I always loved McIntosh’s look and honestly, and Carver came in second for its look. I bought my Carver gear originally because of the meters and the rack mounts. I loved the look of it and couldn’t afford McIntosh at the time.

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