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The white panels on the floor...what is their composition? Are the two mic your usual omni's?

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The two mikes visible in this photo are high-voltage DPA omnis, Jim, but I also used a central ORTF pair of DPA cardioids and a more distant pair of DPA omnis mounted on a Jecklin Disc. The spaced omnis have the best balance between the direct and reverberant sound; the cardioids are deliberately a little too dry; and the Jecklin mikes are deliberately a little too distant-sounding. So in the mix I can fine-tune both the specificity of the imaging and the closeness of the piano sound.

The white panels are cloth-covered acoustic foam, which we used to control the immediate reflection of the high frequencies from the floor beneath the piano. We also experimented with the drapes around the hall's circumference, which can be used to reduce the reverb time from almost 3 seconds to around 1.5s.

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JA, thanks for the info. I will be looking to pick up this CD. Comparisons to your other excellent minimalist mic'd recordings will be interesting. I have previouisly bought one of Ray Kimber's Iso mic recordings and found it very nice as well. Can a JA 5.1 recording be far behind? Probably not.



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