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Most underappreciated high end manufacturer.

There are some manufacturers that don't seem to get the love they deserve.

I was curious to see what other people thought about their favorite "underdog" producer - someone who has been around for a decade or more and makes great stuff that just seems to remain excluded from the discussions of great manufacturers over time.

I'll even go first: Adcom makes much better stuff than they currently get credit for.

I have some 585 amps that just kill, and they are 20 years old (I updated the caps). I compared them to Trans Novas on Acoustat 2+2's (oops, 30 some years old) and it was a wipeout in favor of the Adcoms. Speed, punch, openness, etc...

I won't spoil it by listing a bunch, mostly it will be interesting to see what other people think, and might even help "entry level" readers expand their considerations.

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Know what you mean about Adcom. I owned a GFP750 preamp about 15 years ago and thought it was just grand, don't think there gear now is on the same level. Stereophile did give Adcom much coverage back then. 



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Still have my Adcom GFA - 555. Only problem I ever had with it was the on/off switch went bad, easy fix. Bought it new in 1988, still performs flawlessly. Stereophile also gave it a great review.


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I own an Adcom CD player that

I own an Adcom CD player that must be 15 or more years old and still works flawlessly. It would still be in my primary system as a transport if the company had had the sense to provide a digital out.

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I've had my Primare i30 for about 4 years now and it still floors me on ocassion

Everyone that has heard the Primare under full steam ask me to either  swap it or sell it to them

Pity they are not being made any more in this guise


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I've had an Adcom 5802 amp for years, drives my Martin-Logan Sequel 2s in a big asymmetric stereo room to high levels and sounds really fine. 


Ancient stuff, I know, but quality will out - it still gratifies!

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I had a Rotel amplifier for years that I got rid of when I started with my GTA SE-40.  Wish I'd have kept it.  Like all SE-40 owners I have a back up SS amp that is a sorted and modded Hafler 200.  It's a REALLY great amp.  But you can't say it's not well spoken for.  It's as popular as they come for a great amp for under a grand.

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Rogue and Quicksilver both

Rogue and Quicksilver both small compaines doing a pretty good job.  

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Legacy Audio speakers never

Legacy Audio speakers never seem to get the love they deserve in Stereophile. 

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