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Most Important Upgrades?

So I am a beginner audiophile in that I love great music and want to listen to it at the highest quality possible. That being said, I really don't understand the endless options in system setup. What I'd like to do is list my system as it stands currently and get recommendations on what would the most important upgrades to make it sound better.

Onkyo Turntable (I don't remember the model #, but it's high quality. I have a high quality cartridge as well. This is not the part of the system I'm worried about)

Denon AVR800 receiver - this was my parent's old surround sound receiver and I swiped it for free. It's 60w x 2 for the front channels.

Infinity Monitor IIA Stereo Loudspeakers - these sound great. Can handle 250w per speaker.

So my main question is with the receiver/amp portion. Is it important to go after the extra power to get to 250w per speaker to get the most out of the speakers? If so, is it best to buy a different receiver? Integrated amp? A pre-amp and amp separately? Do I buy two stereo receivers and bridge the power and amplify the speakers individually? Is the Denon AVR800 a pretty solid receiver or is it mediocre?

I'm looking to spend less than $1000 to potentially fix the amp/receiver portion of the system. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Just because a speaker can absorb 250 Watts doesn't mean that 250 Watts will make it sound better. Wattage ratings on speakers are almost worthless. If your current system produces enough clean volume for you that's all the power you need.

Most Onkyo TT's have never been considered "high quality".

IMO all receivers are mediocre.

What about your current system are you unsatisfied with?

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The power rating on a speaker is like the speed rating on a tire.

You don't need a 130 MPH car becuse the tire is rated for 130 MPH, and you don't need 250 watts because the speakers have that rating.

The 250 watt rating is the approximate power level at which you will melt and burn out the speaker coils.

The SENSITIVITY rating is what allows you to figure out the needed power. If the sensitivity rating is 87 db per watt or more, 60 watts is adequate.

I suggest that you buy a Music Hall A15.2 amplifier from Music Direct for $499. IMO this is just about the best integrated amplifier you can buy for under $1000. It sounds really good, and even has a phono stage built-in to connect your turntable to. It will make your system sound a lot better than an old Denon HT receiver.

The second thing I would do is invest in a Music Hall 2.2 turntable, which generally sell for $450 complete with cartridge. It is very good for the money, and will be another big improvement.

Those are very old speakers, but they were very high-quality in their day (unlike the trash sold today with that name on them). If they sound good...what the heck.




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