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Monitors for common use?

Hey, I am on a $300 (yes, puny, i know) budget for a simple 2 speaker setup for my computer. The Yamaha HS50m's caught my eye, being as they are active and sound great from what i have heard (I listened to some music through them at the store) My question is, would they be any good as a general computer speaker? I do some producing and mixing every now and then but I'm wondering if it would be fatiguing to use them with games, music, videos and all the sorts that happen frequently on computers.

Bill B
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I recco

For  $199 I recommend the audioengine A-2 speakers. Small, self powerd, excellent sound,well built and well supported by

 or their bigger brothers the A5

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I use the Audioengine A2 and think they are great.

Highly recommended.

You may want a small subwoofer to use with them,  as there is no bass to speak of.

The polk PSW10 is around $100. It is not big enough or powerful enough for a big HT system, but for a computer setup it is all you need.

I have a cheap 12-inch Sony subwoofer, but I don't think they make it any more.



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M-Audio and JBL's

A little late to this post, but I have a small desktop studio for me and my kids:

For general playback on the cheap I have a pair of M-Audio AV-40s. They have great range and for a little bit less than the Audioengine's (which are awesome) the price is pretty hard to beat. They are currently sitting on about 7" of my wifes old college textbooks for ear reach and isolation on my desk ...

I'm probably giving those to my son whose heading out to college at the end of the month, so I'm already looking for new ones. I've been researching a ton as I'm sure you have and will probably be picking up the JBL LSR 2325's or the 2328's if I'm feeling like shaking my office. I love that the JBL's have XLR, 1/4", and RCA ins ... kinda hard to find monitors that have all 3 and sound that great for under $500. 

Good luck! 

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