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Monitor Audio GX300, PL200 or the GoldenEar Triton 2 Tower

Is there anyone who has tried these Monitor Audio GX300, PL200 and the GoldenEar Triton 2 Tower?

How much difference would a good amp make. I tried the GX300 and PL200 on a Mcinthosh which sounded adequate. (I'm sorry for being picky.. but its an impression right after listening to my father's 24000€ Franko Serblin 'Ktema'.)


frank hardly
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Hi Jai, just bought a pair of

Hi Jai, just bought a pair of PL200's - gorgeous speakers and very revealing. I recently upgraded my 10 year old Unico integrated through parts connexion and am very happy with the sound. The unico pre-amp has Mullard 12AU7 tubes that work very well in my opinion with the Monitor's. I found the sound a bit bright with pure solid state. I previously auditioned a pair of the Triton2's with some Mark Levison gear and while it sounded very fine, the PL200's are a class above this in refinement, sound stage and detail. Haven't listened to the GX300's but I understand that they share many fine attributes with the PL200's. I currently don't have power conditioning, but a friend who recently acquired a PS Audio Powerplant Premier brought it over yesterday and the music opened up a bit more - sounded a tad flat in comparison w/o the powerplant.

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