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Modern use of vowels by techno-hyper-nerds


Something has got me pretty worked up - to the point that I get so enraged I look like a bloke with his underpants and surrounding airspace filled with wasps. This obsession with vowels used at the beginning of every word now in web technology or portable devices and now musical equipment.

I went to a website that asked me for my "e-customer-opinions" ...What the "e-F**K" has happened to the e-language?

What about the other vowels like "a", "u" and "o"? ...why not add...





Am I going to awake one morning to turn on my "e-amplifier" and my virtual source called an "i-turntable"?  I'd rather contract rampaging syphilis than be in a world where everything we make or do has to begin with "i" or "e" for the benefit of ignominious techie-nerdy-geeky-sad-girlfriendless-bottom-feeders and marketing arty-fartys.

This cancer is beginning to spread into everything. I'd like to get these people and wrap my  "i-fingers" around their "e- oesophagus" and use my "i-muscles" to "e-squeeze" very hard until the snivelling "a-hole" rapidly goes through all the colours of the rainbow before "e-passing out".

DONT let this happen to hi-fi

JoeE SP9
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I thought the misuse of punctuation and spelling errors were bad enough. The practice of writing lucidly coherently and intelligently seems to also be going the way of the Dodo. I for one will continue to attempt to write in a reasonably intelligent manner.

Jeez, there is a spell checker built into the posting editor on this site. You'd think everyone would make use of it.

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