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Moderate Efficiency Speakers for Integrated Tube Amps

I am in the process of downsizing from large Dunlavy speakers with Levinson amplification to smaller floorstanding or bookshelf speakers with moderate power (35 watt EL34 or 40 watt KT88) integrated tube amplification. I don't need super high efficiency speakers, just efficient enough to be a good match for a tube amp. I am hoping for full-range sound at more modest listening levels.

After years of status quo, I ventured out recently to audition some new equipment. I listened to a low-powered (15 watt) integrated Leben tube amp paired to Dynaudio Focus 220 speakers (86 dB efficient). This was a great match although I am concerned that the sound will compress and the imaging will collapse at higher volumes or in a bigger space than the demo room.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

tom collins
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you're on the right track

next time you are in the store, ask to hear the confidence c1 or special 25 if they have any left.  they are the best monitors i can think of.



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