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MMF 2.2 - Modify vs. New Turntable

Hi Folks,

I'm currently in the process of replacing my existing home system with a new one. One of the source components I currently have is a Music Hall MMF 2.2 turntable - stock. The new system will be comprised of the following components:

Odyssey Stratos HT-3 Extreme
Odyssey Khartago 2-channel Basic
Odyssey Lorelei front speakers
Outlaw 975 AV Processor

My questions are as follows:

1. Are there any modifications for $500 or less that you would recommend for the MMF 2.2 that would significantly better its performance?

2. Rather than modifying the MMF 2.2 is there a new stock turntable that you would recommend instead for $800 or less?

3. As the Outlaw 975 does not have a Phono Out is there a phono preamp that you would recommend for $500 or less?

If you require any additional information to respond then please let me know.

Thanks for your assistance!

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Some observations...

1. An Acryl-It platter and Speed Box will make a substantial improvement. If the cartridge is the Music Hall Tracker, its replacement could also be an improvement.

2. An $800 turntable would likely only be a marginal improvement over an upgraded MMF-2.2. Add $75 and a Music Hall MMF-5.1 becomes a possibility.

3. I think you mean the lack of a phono input on the 975, so yes you would need a phono stage. The Musical Fidelity V-LPS MkII for $200 would complement your chosen equipment.

My question would be why you are listing multi-channel equipment? Is this for home theater or for music, or if for both what is the mix?

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The mix is 80% music and 20%

The mix is 80% music and 20% home theater applications.  Since originally posting this thread I realize that a better way to go for music would be to add a preamp between the amps and the AV pre/pro and utilize the home theater bypass on the preamp.  Is that the correct vocabulary?