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MM de Capo BE (re-review possible?)

I see where Reference 3A has upgraded the venerable de Capo with a Be tweeter, new enclosure/bracing, mods to mid/woofer, etc. ...

Wondering if S'phile would be interested in (re-) reviewing the new version? Rave reviews in the past, etc., I am wondering what all the new things 'do' to the performance and sonics.

I'm wondering if the 'quibbles' in measured performance ('hump' in midrange, 'enormous ridges of resonant energy' in the waterfall plot) remain. Not that they would prevent me from buying, but it would be interesting to see.

Choices: purchased used 'original' version soon, or save up more to get 'latest' version? that may always be 'the question' ...

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These speakers are on my

These speakers are on my short-list as well.

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