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Mitsubishi DP-5

I'm looking for information about the turntable and I've found nothing on line about it.  So much nothing that if I didn't have it I would wonder if it existed.

A friend gave it to me.  Its looks like it has hardly been used, if at all.  He did caution that the cartridge should be replaced because he had not put "a very good one" in it.  So I began looking at cartridges.  The first question I hit was what is the mass of the tonearm?  It's not an add-on, it came with the table.

Given the total lack of data about it, it's leading ne to conclude that it was a very unpopular turntable (probably because it got lousy reviews) and didn't last on the market for very long.  All-in-all, I'm now wondering if the table os worth a new cartridge, and if so, which one?

If anyone has knowledge of this table, or can point me to a source (Vinyl Engine doesn't have it) I would love to know about it.

If it helps, mine looks identical to the DP-680Q (shown in the Vinyl Engine turntable database)  They look so similar that I.m wondering if they're the same player, just idenrified diffeerently for different markets.  If knowledge of the DP-5 is non-existant, I would be willing to use DP-680Q data as a reference point and go from there in judging mine and in selecting a new cartridge.

So, can anyone point me in the right direction on either of the models?

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I would just get a cartridge that weighs 4.5 to 10 grams

with a tracking force of 0 to 3 grams.

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