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Mirage Speakers questions..

Hi! 2 things I want U to know before my questions!!! First, I don't speak English very well so I hope you can understand me!!!! Second,.. it's the first time time i used an Forum of my life! if i do it wrong please tell me!!

Ok there's my first questions about Mirage Speakers, I have a pair of Frx-1b-1... First I wanna know what's the difference between Frx-1b-1 and Frx-1b...???

And if someone know the meaning of Frx... and the meaning of the 1b-1??

One of my friends have a pair of Frx-3 and he says is better than my Frx1 and he want to trade their Frx3 for my Frx1-1b-1 with my Center Energy ECC1R...( i didn't used that one since I get my Mirage center...)do you think it's fair?? (good trade or not)

I'm very sorry about my English...;((

Second thing, I found a deal for a pair of M-3 speakers,.. (a great deal...) And for the same price a pair of M7Si.... My amp is an Denon AVR-3310Cl and last week i trade a sub for an Nakamichi Ca-5 Preamp.. ( I don't know if it's a good add for my Denon..) First, do you think I'll should used my preamp..? and secondo! with this gear, which speakers I should buy..,,?? M-3 or M7Si??? I got only 2 days to make a decision because other peoples whant to buy the M3..

I hope you'll can read me!!! my English not so good!! thank U

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If you want good quality sound, I suggest that you consider speakers from PSB, KEF, or Wharfedale; not Mirage.

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Mirage made great speakers

Mirage made great speakers before they were bought out by Klipsch.  

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