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Mini Loudspeakers

Does anyone have a "mini" loudpeaker that they really like?  I'm looking for a system for my office which is pretty small, and am looking at the Harbeth, Leema Acoustics Xero, and recently saw that T+A has a CS Mini loudpeaker made from Aluminum that looks interesting.  I've heard the first two but haven't seen much about the T+A anywhere on the web.  Any interesting options that anyone out there has would be great.  My definition of mini right now is about HxWxD (12"x9"x9")  The base size is probably more important than the height right now.  Although the smaller they are the higher the wife acceptance factor will be. 

Looking forward to any opinions out there. 


PS - Forgot to mention that I've already eliminated the PSB mini's.  They didn't engage me as much as I wanted for some reason.  Couldn't really put my finger on it. 

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Dynaudio Excite X12

Dynaudio Excite X12

Bill B
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lots of informative reviews of stand mounted loudspeakers category, in the equipment reviews section of this st'phile website.

Several very well reviewed ones including the KEF LS50.  I haven't heard it but looks intriguing.

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