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"Mine Line" Speaker Cables

Next speaker wire audition is at my uncles.

Usually a band goes on tour
not speaker wire but what the heck I have been doing this since 1988.
I put his system together in the 1990's. His system has it's own unique sound
so this is gonna be interesting, I know this system like sand knows the beach.

Hafler XL600 with Twin 500va toroids and 4 50,000 uf beer cans "Omega Star Upgrade"
Halfer 110 pre amp with SMA all silver plated FEP interconnects, I made years ago which
today are aged like a fine Wine.
An old late 70's Studer Revox B77 reel to reel I record WAV files to for play back. Mainly for fun
but that damn thing sounds better than my Reference Ipod.
Allot of other various SAE equipment and chords from the 70's.

Two JBL 4430's sitting on top of NEC powered 12" sub woofers planted like a tree on a foot thick of concrete slabs.
They are crossed over around 30HZ, you really do not hear them until a song that goes that low is present.
Like Paul Taylor or Kylie Minogue, The JBL's just do not have that kick your teeth in low end like my
twin 15" Tombstone's do that can rip at 152 decibels around 30 HZ! I own 4 first place Tweeter Car Show
trophies to prove that statement.

Summary; This is a straight up Old School system I built for my uncle "The Dentist" that I really
enjoy, If you change any thing it will be audible. I have built many home theater system's since 2000
and allot of 2 inch thick Birch 4 quarter sand filled cabinets since, so swapping out his old fat twisted OFC
monster style 10 gauge stranded speaker wires with the "Mine Line Reference" is gonna be a blast.

More to follow. SMA

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