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Is that a GATOR Case? Or SKB?

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Neither, it's a cheap Chinese knock-off of an SKB because when I went to the local Sam Ash, they had sold out of 4U SKBs. You can see SKB's in one of the other shots, and my AC conditioner lives in an Anvil case.

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I was just gonna comment, i realize it ain't no GATOR, cus' all the one's I've seen say GATOR in the case, and don't have that screw visible there BUT, guess where my GATORS are made?....CHINA, but to GATOR standards, not some knockoff. Handy to store extra stuff in, keeps em clean, BUT with an 8U with 2 DH500 Haflers in em, forgetaboutid....the thing weighs way to much, gotta split the loads, make the stuff manageable, a bunch of mic amps or small signal processors are fine to load up in a larger case. SKB looks like a stronger type, from the one's I've seen, GATOR does the job for my spare stuff for storage. Everything should be RACK MOUNT, universal standard, i could neatin' up this stuff here in a nice rack one of these days.

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