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michael green
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Michael Green's TuneLand Vegas

Hello Stereophile

2017 brings in a new showplace for Michael Green Audio, Sound Consultant, Audolici USA and the host of High End Products from the Sound Consultant line up. We had our first video shoot yesterday on "Tuning Your Audio System" (our up coming video series) and shortly will have our Tunable Room West ready for visitors.

TuneLand Vegas is an appointment only location that is a part of Harold Cooper's Sound Consultant dealership & distribution as well as the designing hang out for myself.

If you are part of an audio club that will be visiting Las Vegas, NV let us know if you will be wanting to visit.

Sound Consultant's web

Michael Green Audio's

thank you Stereophile for your forum

Michael Green

Allen Fant
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Good to see you- MG.

Good to see you- MG.

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