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Michael Fremers Review of the Triton.

After reading MFs very insightful review of the Shunyada Triton power conditioner in the January  2012 issue, I was ready to jump on the band wagon and round up one of these sweet little unit's. 

At present I'm using a Shunyada V-Ray for my source's and preamp, my question is, has anyone tryed an upgrade from the V-Ray to the Triton and what were your impressions? Any other opinion's on the subject would also be appreciated. One other thing I've been considering, is to keep my V-Ray and add a Triton, using one for digital gear and the other for analog. My local dealer said a Triton can be had for $5000. or trade in price using the V-Ray would be about $3000. so not a lot of money either way but I would hate to spend even that amount and not hear an improvement, without any shortfall's. 

                                                                                                Regards  Tim

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