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FYI, appears to be a perfect tool for organizing/publicizing local listening sessions/get-togethers for high-end audio enthusiasts across the country. Our local Suncoast Audiophile Society (formerly the Tampa Bay Listening Society) just migrated to Meetup, and we're finding it incredibly useful. We just had our Feb meeting, with over 15 attendees, including THREE new members who discovered us via our listing. Of note, you can designate your group as PRIVATE, so names, addresses, and meeting details are NOT visible to the general public. There is a charge for using meetup ($12/mo) but they have introductory pricing of $36 for 6 months. That would be time enough to "test" your local interest for an audiophile club, and have members share the cost (Meetup offers integrated Paypal and Amazon payment options for member dues). I have no financial relationship with, but just wanted to pass this info along, as it may prove useful to help organize and promote high-end audio clubs in parts of the country that don't currently have one.

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Thanks! for the post.

Thanks! for the post.

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